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Bob Ward - Pastor

“Though born in Otley, my early years were in Leeds. When I was twelve my parents emigrated to Calgary, Canada, where I completed my schooling. Returning to England, (which my wife Heather says was necessary to meet her!), when I was eighteen I was invited to attend a Baptist Church meeting. Here for the first time I heard the Gospel being preached. After hearing this I decided to read the Bible "to see if these things were so".  Being convinced of the truth I surrendered my life to The Lord Jesus whilst walking home late one evening having visited a Christian friend whose last words were "Just believe".

Shortly after I was to meet Heather, who had started attending the Church. Then on the same day we were baptised I asked Heather to be my wife.  We have now been married for 48 years, with a wonderful Christian family comprising our two children, Debbie & Robert  and two grand-children Aimee and Laura, Debbie's husband Steve, and Robert's wife Kay.

Having worked as an Accountant in a Building Construction Company in Leeds, God called me to full-time ministry in Dewsbury Gospel Church which we had seen planted during the House Church movement in the seventies.  As a result we have seen various ministries emerge in the town: The Branch Christian Bookshop in the eighties, The Branch Christian School in  the nineties, the Branch FM Christian Radio Station in the 2000's, and in the present decade -Charis Bible College, (which is linked to Andrew Wommack Ministries and for which I serve as CEO on the UK Board). All this made possible by a great team of workers who have given themselves unreservedly to the various ministries. We continue to serve Him to Whom is due all the glory, and made known to us that He just requires two abilities - availability, and dependability!”

Heather Ward - Pastor’s Wife

“I have been married to Pastor Bob for 48 great years.  We have two blessed children Debbie and Robert, their respective husband and wife, Steven and Kay (who are also blessed) and two amazing grandchildren, Aimée and Laura.

I came to know the Lord after a dramatic conversion at the age of 15.  I was never the same again and met Pastor Bob soon after.  I knew at that time that I wanted to serve the Lord in whatever way he wanted, and I pray that I have been faithful to that call.  I worked for The Branch Christian Books for many years doing all the cooking for the coffee shop, and still do in a small way.  I also had a radio programme called Heavenly Grace for a number of years, and have also worked in The Branch Christian School.  

My life has been a wonderful journey with the Lord, never knowing where it would lead, but always willing to go. We have a saying at home, from the Word of course, ‘As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.’ Many more years to go…!”

Debbie Thomas - Pastor’s PA / Branch Christian School Administrator

“I am the daughter of Pastor Bob and Heather, and I have been a member of the Church since its very beginning. I am married to Steve and have two daughters, Aimée and Laura. My role in the Church is the Pastor’s PA, and also the administrator for the Branch Christian School.

I fully committed my life to the Lord when I was 11 years old, realizing that I wouldn’t get into Heaven just because my parents were Pastors of the Church. After leaving school, I started work for a large telephone company, but from the age of 16 I knew that God was calling me into full-time Christian ministry. It was during a trip to Israel in the late 80’s that He gave me a Word from Acts 1:8, “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” At this time, I realized that ‘my Jerusalem’ was Dewsbury. However, it wasn’t until January 2009 that I began working in the Branch Christian School, when it relocated from Heckmondwike to Dewsbury, and this was further confirmation of the Word that Lord had previously given me.

A verse I have focused on in my walk with the Lord is Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” I look forward to all that God has for me in the future.”

Steve Thomas - Church Secretary

“I have been a member of the DGC since 1996, the year I married the Pastor's daughter. My 'born again Christian life' started Easter Sunday in 1989.  I am originally from Leeds, but decided together with Debbie, that we’d make our home in Dewsbury, and worship at the same church my wife has been a member of since a very young age.  We have two lovely daughters – Aimée and Laura.  As a family, we are all fully committed to the Church and its work.

Being the ‘company secretary’ I have, amongst other things, to ensure we maintain accurate submissions for Companies House and the Charity Commission. It is also my role to arrange business meetings with the Church trustees.  It is an interesting task overall but can sometimes be very challenging. I believe God has gifted me with good administrative abilities, and I am able to use these to the full. I also fulfil many other roles including sermon teachings occasionally, involvement in the ‘ministry of helps’, company secretary for Branch FM, and a member of the ‘Churches Together in Dewsbury’ Leadership Team.  

Also, along with my wife, Debbie, I am the link between the Gospel Church and Christian Friends of Israel (CFI). As a Church we fully support Israel, mindful that in scripture God clearly states He has not rejected His people (Romans 11 v1 & 2), and fundamentally of course Jesus Himself was a Jew!”

Stephen Hodgson - Church Treasurer / Branch FM Station Manager

“My role within Dewsbury Gospel Church is that of the treasurer - a role I took on many years ago based upon God’s Word in that “He will supply all our needs..” (Phil 4:19) and that we need to be good stewards of everything He provides for us both personally and corporately (Titus 1:7-9 and 1 Peter 4:10).

I am also the Station Director of Branch FM Christian Community Radio with our mission here in Dewsbury being to ensure that God’s life changing Gospel message of grace and love is broadcast across the airwaves for all to hear and have the opportunity to respond to.”

Dominic Burns - Director of Charis Bible College Dewsbury

“I am the director of Charis Bible College Dewsbury, which is part of a Worldwide Ministry Outreach of Andrew Wommack Ministries and locally Dewsbury Gospel Church. My job involves teaching and training Christians for personal and ministerial development.  

I have attended Dewsbury Gospel Church since August 2012 and I am greatly encouraged by great Biblical teaching, worship, fellowship, and mentorship available to me here. I have personally discovered that Jesus is the Good Shepherd: rescuing, protecting, guiding, instructing, and caring for me intimately and daily.”

Mike Farrant - Worship Leader

“I have been at Dewsbury Gospel Church for 20 years, together with my wife, Vanessa, and our three children. 32 years ago I made my decision to accept Jesus Christ as saviour an Lord of my life.  Since then, I have always been involved in music ministry in one way or another, and I now have the honour to lead worship at our church.

Music is a big part of my life, but I believe worship is not just about music, it is the way we live our lives before God and that affects every aspect of our day to day.”

Ian Grace - Worship Leader

“I have attended this church for about 20 years. I have played guitar and sang in various places from Christian Union at University to house groups and children's work.

I am currently one of the 3 worship leaders and always consider it a privilege to lead people in praise and worship. I especially appreciate it when people report back that songs have ministered to them and perhaps come back to them in times between church services to minister or encourage.”

Jill Bailey - Worship Leader

“I am one of three worship leaders at Dewsbury Gospel Church. I have been involved with the church the last nineteen years and enjoy playing the piano with the band to bring people into the presence of God.

I have written songs for the church and have a desire to see the gifts of God manifest and continue to move among His body, to bring healing and restoration to lives through worship.”

Terry Firth - Sound Technician

“I am the sound engineer at Dewsbury Gospel Church. My role is to mix the instruments and voices in such a way that best draws the congregation into praise and worship. I also record the messages and testimonies so that they can be podcasted. I arrive at church early to set up the stage and check that the equipment is working correctly. I have been known to crawl about under the stage running new cables.

This is a good time for praise and worship, and there are many exciting new songs with a positive message about faith and life in Christ. I am one of the founder members of the Dewsbury Gospel Church and have been for forty four years since Christ Jesus saved me in Dewsbury Town Hall.”

Michael & Anna Firth - DGC Youth Leaders

“We lead the youth group on a Friday night at Church and have both been part of the church since we were in our nappies! Although we’re grown ups now (supposedly) God is continually teaching us how to trust Him. As we’re still learning to look to God and seek His will in our lives, we hope to also set that example to the young people.

Our vision for youth is to support a group of young people in realising that their identity can be in God, that they don’t have to conform to the many viewpoints thrown at them as they grow up, but that instead, they can live life to the full as God’s children. His love never fails!”

Vanessa Farrant - K.i.D.S Church Leader

“Along with Mike Farrant, my husband of 22 years, I have been a member of Dewsbury Gospel Church for 19 years. We have 3 children. I have been involved with children's work my whole life - first as a kid and as part of a team, then from the age of 13. I lead for the first time when I was 18 when my Dad was taken ill.

K.i.D.S. Church began in 2002, as we wanted to bring the good news of Jesus to the unchurched children in our local area. Many of those who have been over the years were never taken to church, or taught about Him in school. If we don't reach these children for Him, who will? We bring ‘Saturday morning fun’ to Sunday school teaching, making Christianity relevant to today's children. During term time we meet Fridays from 18:00 to 19:00 in Dewsbury Gospel Temperance Hall, Halifax Road; and in the school holidays we hold ‘One Day Fun Days’ and ‘Video Evenings’ as well as ‘Holiday Clubs’ during the summer holiday. We have had over 600 kids through the doors since we started, and quite a few of these ended up joining the team. Many from the early days have now gone onto other things, in fact both the DGC Youth leaders were invaluable team members before taking on the youth leadership.

I also work part time at The Branch Christian School. Its wonderful how both ministries knit together in reaching and teaching the children the things of God. I love it!!”

Alan Whitworth - Ministry of Helps / Caretaker

“I have been involved with Dewsbury Gospel Church for 15 years.  I enjoy looking after the Dewsbury Revival Centre - maintaining the church grounds and also acting as caretaker of the building.  

My role is a practical one, including ministry of helps, but I  also enjoy the praise and worship, hearing the Word of God being spoken out, and fellowship in Church meetings.”

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